Abigail Episode 5 – “Temperature Rising”


Yesterday we released the newest episode of Abigail!  Things are getting crazy in the show right now with new characters, lots of intensity, and more questions about who and what Abigail really is. (click “Read More)

Each episode that I do is my favorite show and episode 5 is no exception here.  I was able to write two new themes for two new characters this time around: the characters of Seth and The Tenant.  I’ve had a great opportunity to sit down with Nathaniel (the creator of the series) and get a ton of information about the back story of these characters and I’ve done everything in my power to let the music tell their story (you’ll have to figure it out on your own though :) )!

Episode 6 is right around the corner (we should be announcing the release date soon, so be on the lookout).  Enjoy episode 5; it’s a good one!