Abigail Episode 7 – “Blood and Electricity”


It’s hard to believe that the season finale for Abigail is actually here.  After a year of hard work with amazing people, the last episode has finally arrived!  But man, was this a fantastic episode to get to work on! (click Read More)

This episode is the culmination of everything from every episode before it and it doesn’t hold back.  The music was all about calling up past memories from previous episodes and I think the level of nostalgia I was aiming for was attained!

However, the real stand-out in this episode is the ADR and Sound Design.  There were so many different ideas flying around with each session that it became something that I never thought it would or could be!  The highlight of the episode is the finale scene which I am INCREDIBLY proud of.  A very special thanks to Viviana (Amy) who spent nearly 2 hours with me getting that final scene to be perfect.

With that said, enjoy the season finale of Abigail; if you like it even a fraction of how much I love it, then my job will have been done!