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New Super Mario World Remix


Today brings the release of a remix that I’ve been very excited to show everyone!  This time around we have a track from the game Super Mario World, one of my favorite and most nostalgic games.  (click “Read More”)

‘Abigail’ Episodes 1-3 Released

abigail pic

Ok, so I dropped the ball a bit on releasing these episodes here on the site, but allow me to rectify that now.  The first three episodes of Abigail, the web series, have been released and I’m working hard on episode 4 now!  (click “Read More”)

New Music for Webseries: Abigail

abigail trailer

I have some VERY exciting news for the future. I’ve been brought on as the composer for a brand new Sci-Fi webseries called Abigail.  Even though I can’t tell you much about the story, what I can say is that the script is amazing and it looks fantastic.  The trailer for the series released about a month ago (which I did music and sound design for).  Check it out below.  (click “Read More”)

New Music for Gaming Merch Contest


Ok, so last time I’m posted something (almost a year ago), I said that I would start to post more often. It’s hard to see how I might failed any worse. But alas, I am back and ready to post something fresh! (click “Read More”)

New Animation Short Film: Mourning


My goodness, has it really been 6 months since my last post?  Wow, time has gotten away from me and my schedule has been crazy.  But as they say, absence makes the heart grow founder, or some other manner of non-sense!  Well, I am finally back with an update.  (click “Read More”)