lov_discographyThe Land of Vana’diel (2012)
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“…as it has been previously sung throughout the review, this album is great…” – Jason Lord – Alpha and Omega Radio
“…this is something you surely won’t want to miss out on…” – Darryl K. – Founder of Gaming Union

In May of 2004, I went out to my local EB Games and bought a PS2, a USB keyboard, and my copy of Final Fantasy 11.  Since then, me and my Tarutaru character, Tweek, have put in hundreds of days worth of play time (that’s right, days, not hours) and I have loved them all. Having spent so much time playing, I grew incredibly attached to the music.  Unfortunately, in 2004 my remixing abilities were worse than terrible!  Fast forward to 2009 and the inspiration hit me to try my hand at a remix from the game.  After finishing the first one, I wanted to try another and then another and so on.  After a hiatus from the project, in 2012 I picked it back up and dove back into the music I loved.

Even though Final Fantasy 11 is one of the games that many Final Fantasy fans have never played, believe me when I say that the music is fantastic.  My only hope is that the album I’ve created will do justice to the fine work from Nobuo Uematsu, Naoshi Mitszuda, and Kumi Tanioka.  The journey I’ve taken over the past three years with this project has shown me just how amazing these three composers truly are.


Alter Ego
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“…his sound is hard to pin down…” – David ‘djpretzel’ Lloyd – Founder of www.ocremix.org.

How true that is!  With the release of ATLER EGO, people everywhere will experience a collection of genres and styles that is sure to inspire.  From Electronic to Orchestral, from Jazz to Metal, from Hip-hop to World, from Latin to Funk, there is something for everyone!

From the beginning, [TWEEX] set out to find the most talented musicians on the market today and the results are nothing short of mind-blowing.  If you prefer a rhythmic guitar riff, there is something in store.  If you fancy ripping synth lines, you will not be disappointed.  If you have an overwhelming need for a gut-bustin’ flute solo, go no further!

Between [TWEEX]’s ability to capture the essence and tone of a genre and the guest musicians that lay down the beating heart of the track, ALTER EGO is a must have.  Surely, you will not be disappointed!

So, is [TWEEX]’s style hard to pin down?  You’ll have to decide for yourself!