New Music for Delta Airlines

Tweex Music Composes New Music for Delta Airlines Commercial

Tweex Music is back this week with a new airline commercial for you!  This time around, T|M presents new music for Delta Airlines.  Tweex Music did a another spot for Delta back in 2008 and had music from my debut album, Alter Ego, featured in the spot, which you can LISTEN TO and DOWNLOAD for free!

This time around, T|M was able to compose an original piece of music for the spot.  The idea was to come up with something peppy but also laid back.  Being a big fan of genre fusion, I decided to create a piece that had classical elements (chamber strings), contemporary guitar solo, electronic synths, and tribal/ethnic percussion.  If you had to categorize the piece, it would probably be in the ever so popular Classic-Hop-Contemp-Electro-World genre!  Or as we in the business like to call it, “Indie” :) .  The final product came out quite well.  Check it out for yourself:

As always, the spot can be found of the SFX PAGE along with all the other airline spots that T|M has had the priveldge to work on!  Tweex Music continues to keep very busy and has some exciting updates on the way so be sure to check back soon!