New Music for Gaming Merch Contest


Ok, so last time I’m posted something (almost a year ago), I said that I would start to post more often. It’s hard to see how I might failed any worse. But alas, I am back and ready to post something fresh! (click “Read More”)

Over and, we recent ran a competition for fans and community members to get some free merch from a video game apparel company called GamerPrint. As apart of the promotion for the competition, I wrote a small piece of music to advertise the contest. I was joined by Lauren Kearvell (the PR manager at GU) on the vocals and she did a great job!

What’s great about this piece is that this is the first time I’ve been able to record myself playing both the ukulele and the harmonica. Lots of fun all around. Take a listen!

I should have another song like this coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled!