New Zelda Ocarina of Time Remix


I was contacted in late 2011 to create some Celtic tavern style music for a video game (more news on that to come). After composing a lot of music in that genre, I still had some leftover ideas and creativity when I ran across this theme from one of my favorite Zelda games of all time. (click Read More)

The original theme, Market, was a terribly simplistic piece that used to annoy me to no end.  But when I re-heard it for the first time in years, the idea to make it into a folk song just kind of clicked into place and so I began creating it.

The idea to make the video a collection of shots of me playing the various instruments came right before I began to film but I think it turned out really well.  I really love being able to you live instrumentation whenever I can and this remix certainly gave me that opportunity!  Enjoy!