Music Production and Engineering

The creativity that you have as a songwriter, director, producer, or band many times is stifled by the lack of expensive equipment or software.  Why let that hold you back from a production masterpiece?  Work with Tweex Music and have professional quality provided for you.  In today’s market, record labels, advertising agencies, clients, and directors expect nothing but the best quality available, and Tweex Music will provide that for your project.  Do you need to re-track a vocal part for your song?  Maybe you want an orchestral arrangement for your track.  Perhaps you have a song idea, but you don’t have the means to create a demo.  Do you need a studio to record an entire album? No matter what your requirements, Tweex Music will meet your needs!

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Custom Music

How many times have you heard a popular song used for a project, advertisement, or production?  Now, what product or client was it representing?  If you have a hard time remembering, then you see the drawback for canned or non custom music.  Now imagine what productions like Chili’s baby-back ribs, the Stars Wars main theme, or the opening song for The Simpson’s would be like if it came from a generic music library.  If you’re tired of low-quality unoriginal music plaguing your projects, Tweex Music is here to take your production to the next level.  If you want customers or viewers to turn the sound UP rather than down for your project, then it’s time to contact Tweex Music, where all of your music needs will be addressed until you are completely satisfied.  You don’t have to have a big budget to truly enjoy the big budget sound.

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SFX and Foley Design

Sound and Foley design can be one of the most important factors in any production; it breathes life into your project.  Proper sound design is an art in and of itself and it, if done improperly, can destroy the mood and tone of a piece.  Tweex Music offers custom sound design and Foley work for any production.  Whether you have live action footage, a custom piece of animation, or even an old fashioned radio show, Tweex Music will provide you with sound design that will not only increase the quality of your project, but it will also tell a story for the viewer or client.  Even though someone may have a library of sounds to choose from, using them in the right context can be difficult, but Tweex Music has years of professional experience to bring you expert quality.

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