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Wind of Luck – Original Game Soundtrack RELEASED


I was given the great pleasure to make music for a fun online game called “Wind of Luck.” When they brought me on board, they said “we want pirate inspired tavern/pub music that will span the world over.” (click Read More)

New Album: “The Land of Vana’diel”


‘The Land of Vana’diel’ has officially been released! It’s an album of 18 songs that are remixes of the music from Final Fantasy 11 and it’s completely FREE! (click “Read More”)

T|M Anniversary Contest Winners Announced

Tweex Music Announces Anniversary Contest Winners

Happy Friday everyone!  Many of you may remember that last week I announced a contest in which 3 lucky winners would win a free copy of my debut album, Alter Ego, and a preview of a new project that I’m working on, only know now as Project: Binary.  Well, this week, the three winners have been chosen at random and I’m here to announce them!  Without stalling any longer, the winners are:

Kira, UK
Joseph, Australia
Melissa, USA

The winners have been sent an email to claim their prize.  However, since there was so much support and interest in the contest, I didn’t want you all to go away empty handed!  So, I decided to make a second very small sample of another piece from Project: Binary.  This piece is still in the conceptual phase, but I wanted to give a little something back to you all!  The piece will be available for streaming here on the site, but I will email all of the contestants an MP3 copy that they can download to put on a CD, iPod, etc.  Take a quick gander at this:

And there you have it!  This has been a big week here at T|M.  Congratulations to the winners of the contest and many many thanks to all those who entered!  There are some very exciting additions coming to the site very soon.  I’m just waiting to receive master copies of some projects, so be sure to check back very soon!  We’ll be back with a new update early this next week, so stay tuned!

T|M Anniversary and Free Copy of Alter Ego Album

Tweex Music 1 Year Anniversary: Alter Ego Album Giveaway

Hello my people.  Long time no see.  The wedding went wonderfully and the honeymoon was fantastic.  It has been a busy week being back in the studio/office, but there have been some AWESOME developments so stay tuned.

However, this week, we are focusing on the one year anniversary of the T|M website.  There have been quite a few updates, projects, and site advancements since then.  New airline commercials including Delta and US Air, new animations from some of the top animators being produced today, new original music and themes, and new media series to show people what I do exactly.  Well, it’s time to celebrate!

I’m going to be giving out 3 free copies of my debut album, Alter Ego!  Not only that, but I will be giving out a preview track from a new project I’m working on.  Without releasing too much, I can tell you that it’s current being called Project: Binary.  Outside of that, I won’t release any more information.  The 3 winners will get a very special sneak peek at what’s to come, and believe me, you don’t want to miss it!

The rules are simple:

1. Send an email to contest@tweexmusic.com
2. Make the subject line something about the contest
3. Include your first name and the country you live in

And THAT’S IT.  I’ll accept emails up until Thursday, August 5th, 12:00 AM EST and then choose 3 winners at random.  I’ll announce the winners on Thursday or Friday and send out the emails with the copy of the album!

In the meantime, enjoy the site and all the media that’s now on it!  There are some awesome additions coming out soon, so don’t stray too far!

New Music for Delta Airlines

Tweex Music Composes New Music for Delta Airlines Commercial

Tweex Music is back this week with a new airline commercial for you!  This time around, T|M presents new music for Delta Airlines.  Tweex Music did a another spot for Delta back in 2008 and had music from my debut album, Alter Ego, featured in the spot, which you can LISTEN TO and DOWNLOAD for free!

This time around, T|M was able to compose an original piece of music for the spot.  The idea was to come up with something peppy but also laid back.  Being a big fan of genre fusion, I decided to create a piece that had classical elements (chamber strings), contemporary guitar solo, electronic synths, and tribal/ethnic percussion.  If you had to categorize the piece, it would probably be in the ever so popular Classic-Hop-Contemp-Electro-World genre!  Or as we in the business like to call it, “Indie” :) .  The final product came out quite well.  Check it out for yourself:

As always, the spot can be found of the SFX PAGE along with all the other airline spots that T|M has had the priveldge to work on!  Tweex Music continues to keep very busy and has some exciting updates on the way so be sure to check back soon!