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T|M Places Music in American Airlines Commercial

T|M Has New Music in American Airlines Duty Free Commercial

Tweex Music is back with a NEW addition to the airline commercial series!  This time around, T|M has placed music in the new American Airlines duty free spot.  The music may sound familiar as it is both music found in the US Airways Commercial and is the popular track from T|M’s debut album Alter Ego, entitled “Finding the Pocket.”  A review of the piece can be found on the US Airways News Post, so we will get right to the spot.  This commercial was an odd time in comparison to the others; right at 2 minutes.  This was great as it allowed Tweex Music to showcase the track a bit more.  With out further delay, here is the spot:

Like the other videos, this one can also be found on the SFX DESIGN PAGE.  Be sure to check back soon with more news as there are some very exciting projects/announcements on the horizon that will certainly excite you!  Enjoy the music.

Free Alter Ego Song Giveaway!

Tweex Music Releases Free Song for Download from Alter Ego Album

Tweex Music is proud to release a song to download for FREE from the T|M debut album, Alter Ego.  The track for download is called Bipolar. It was the first song that was composed for the Alter Ego album.  The track has been used in short films, radio programs, and was featured in the Delta Airlines Duty Free Spot that T|M was selected for!

When the track was being composed, it was structured in a way to allow for a guest soloist to put down his or her idea.  That person ended up being Jimmy ‘BGC’ Hinson, a good friend from over at the OC Remix community (and a current judge!).  The synth solo that kicks in about halfway through the track is a driving, pumping part that gives the track a beating heart!  Jimmy has been doing music for years and works as a freelance writer/composer for the Scripps Network and his talent speaks for itself!  Take a listen to the track:

Alter Ego was released in June of 2008 and has seen some fantastic sales!  Several tracks from the album have been placed in current film, radio, televesion, and website projects!  Listen and enjoy “Bipolar” and be sure to hop over to the Tweex Music Store to pick up your full digital copy of the album!  There are still one or two physical copies over at CD Baby so if you want a hard copy, act now!

Check back soon for more Alter Ego news, updates, and offers, not to mention some very exciting news for T|M!


T|M Composes Music for US Airways

Tweex Music Composes Original Music for US Airways Duty Free Commercial

Tweex Music is back this week with a new addition to the Airline episodes.  This time around, Tweex Music debuts its composition for US Airways.  This piece is particularly special in that it uses a piece of music found on the Tweex Music debut album, Alter Ego. The track, “Finding the Pocket,” was selected for this run of duty free spots for US Airways.  The original featured the expertise of Jon “JJT” Titterington on the clavichord.  While the clav solo didn’t make it into the spot, it was still masterfully done and I highly recommend checking it out.

This is the second track from the Alter Ego library to make an appearance in an airline duty free commercial with the first being the DELTA DUTY FREE COMMERCIAL that aired about a year ago.  Alter Ego has seen some additional usage in some forthcoming airline projects, so be sure to keep your eyes out for that.

Alter Ego has been on the market now for a little over a year and album sales are still rockin’ along.  I recommend visiting the DISCOGRAPHY PAGE to listen to some samples from the album and then feel free to head over to the TWEEX MUSIC STORE to purchase your digital copy today.  However, for those of you who enjoy the music coming from a physical CD, there are still a few (and we do mean a few) in stock over at CD BABY.  With an album that covers all different genres in one CD, you are sure to find something you love.  US Airways certainly did, so can you!

As always, the US Airways spot can be found on the SFX DESIGN PAGE and be sure to check back soon as new updates and announcements are forthcoming!

ALTER EGO Promotion

Buy Alter Ego for only $5.99!

From July 31st to August 14th, Alter Ego will be available for purchase for $5.99 through the Tweex Music Store.  You will receive nearly an hour of original music by Tweex in a CD Quality WAV format with all Album Artwork!

If you would like to learn more about Alter Ego and listen to samples, then go to the DISCOGRAPHY page.

If you’re ready to purchase, go straight to the TWEEX MUSIC STORE and place your order.

All orders are handled through PayPal, so you are 100% secure in any transaction you make!

If you would like a hard copy of the album, CD Baby still has a few copies in stock and you can purchase the album through them!

This promotion won’t last for long so be sure to act NOW!


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