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New Album: “The Land of Vana’diel”


‘The Land of Vana’diel’ has officially been released! It’s an album of 18 songs that are remixes of the music from Final Fantasy 11 and it’s completely FREE! (click “Read More”)

New Podcast, Remix, and Project Announcement

T|M Introduces New Podcast, New Remix, and New Project Announcement!

Greetings to all!  It has been quite sometime since I last posted news here and there is much to cover.  First allow me to announce that the Tweex Music studio has officially relocated from Nashville to Atlanta, GA.  The move went smoothly and quickly and I was “down” for less than 48 hours which is much better than I expected!  Now that things are back up and there is a slight lull in project work, let’s play some catch up!

T|M has been very busy working with Gaming Union for the past couple weeks and has produced several new podcast episodes and several new pieces of music, but more on the music in a future post (coming soon).  However, GU released Final Fantasy Union Episode 35 yesterday and it is quite the special show.  The episode is GU’s focus on Final Fantasy XIII (13), which was released about a week ago.  Also, in this episode, I (Brian) was a guest on the show and sat down with the guys to discuss Square Enix’s recent decision to terminate its music department.  It was great to be on the show and talk about an area of the music/sound industry that I have really been experiencing in the past couple of years: outsourcing/freelancing.

Episode 35 also marked a debut remix/rearrangement from Final Fantasy XI!  I released the first FFXI rearrangement back in July of 09, Battling Despair as Dawn.  This new Remix is entitled City of the Humes and comes from the source tune, The Republic of Bastok.  For those not familiar with the game, this is the theme for one of the major cities.  The original song is unbelievably catchy and the rearrangement turned out exceptionally well.  In the show, the hosts asked me a few questions about the process of making the mix and why I did it.  Be sure to check the full episode out.  For those of you are are interested in hearing the section of the show that I’m in, you can can find an edit of it here: Podcast Edit with Brian.  And make sure that you check out the new remix which is here:

The debut of the remix also marks the first “announcement” of a project that T|M is working on.  Details will be forthcoming, but there is much more on the way!  Anyone who is a fan of Final Fantasy 11 or orchestral/cinematic music will be pleased with what’s to come! Take a listen to the show to get a little more info!

There are several new projects that T|M has recently completed and will be announced very soon!  A new string arrangement for a classic song and a new airline commerical are among a few of them but more info on that soon.  Don’t go too far as there will be more updates VERY soon (i.e. the next day or two)!

T|M Remix featured in Podcast

T|M’s Video Game Remix, Battling Despair at Dawn, Featured in Podcast.

Tweex Music is back this week with a new Podcast series in which a T|M song has been featured!  Battling Despair at Dawn has been featured in another Podcast episode by the good people at VGDJ back in August and it has been selected again for another show!  This time around, the folks over at Solar Radio Wave have decided to use the FFXI remix as the outro music for their episode!

Solar Radio Wave is a relatively new podcast series as they have only been around for a few months, but they are quickly gaining momentum with new episodes airing frequently.  SRW describes themselves as “a podcast that talks about everything from games and movies, to energy, books and science.”  A vast list of topics, indeed!

I recommend checking out the show, which you can find here: FULL PODCAST EPISODE.  However, for those of you who would like to hear the section where they promote the track, go no further: TWEEX MUSIC PODCAST EDIT.

Battling Despair at Dawn can be found on the MUSIC PAGE along with the many other VG remixes that T|M has completed over the years.  You can also hear the track over at T|M’s OVERCLOCKED REMIX PAGE.  Be sure to check the track out as it’s some of the best orchestral work Tweex has completed!  For all FFXI fans (or fans of VG music in general), don’t stray far and be certain that you keep a weather eye on the front page here for more VG remix news as there are big announcements to come soon!

In the meantime, meander about the T|M site and listen/watch some of the work that’s showcased, be sure to check out the work that the guys at Solar Radio Wave are doing, and don’t forget to check back in soon for more news and updates!

“Battling Despair at Dawn” Featured in Podcast

“Battling Despair at Dawn” featured on VGDJ Podcast

My latest remix from Final Fantasy XI, entitled “Battling Despair at Dawn”, has been featured on the premier podcast episode of VGDJ (Video Game Disc Jockey).  Now, while this might be the “premier” episode, VGDJ has been around for quite some time.  It was created a few year ago and has had multiple hosts take the responsibility on their shoulders.  After a short break in publication, VGDJ is back and the reins have been taken by none other than David “Brushfire” Hubbard.  This first episode marks the revival of the series with more podcasts to follow.

The complete show can be found here: COMPLETE SHOW.  It features many other talented artists from OCR and I highly recommend listening to the full show as it is well done.  However, if you would like to hear the section for my track, you can find it here: TWEEX EDIT.

The website is still being developed and updated, but you can be sure that much more is in store from the staff at VGDJ.  If you enjoy the show, be sure to take a minute and visit the FORUM POST and leave a comment!