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New Banjo-Kazooie Remix


I just released a new remix from the game Banjo-Kazooie on the Nintendo 64! I have the fondest of memories playing this game in my bedroom when I was younger and I have even fonder memories of the music. (click Read More) 

New “Remix Under Review” Installment

New Remix Under Review Installment:
Sephiroth’s Wake

Well, needless to say, it has been a busy week and a half since the last time I posted, but now I’ve been able to steal away for a short time to post again!  This week, we’re returning to Remix Under Review with a new track to look into!   Not too far back, I reviewed a piece from Final Fantasy 7 called Frozen Landscape. That arrangement was done for the OC Remix project Voices of the Lifestream.  Well, this time around, I’ll be reviewing the other remix I did for the project: Sephiroth’s Wake.



As you can hear, the original source material doesn’t really lend itself to much interpretation.  Nobuo Uematsu really used the piece to create a very dark and ominous feel to this particular section of the game.  He didn’t seem to use any kind of tempo or rhythm scheme, so that was left up to me.

At the time of doing this remix, I was going though a major Harry Gregson-Williams kick and was really vibing his work on the Metal Gear Solid series.  Harry has a very particular style of music that he does very VERY well.  I classify it as the “infiltration” genre.  Check this YouTube Video to hear what I’m talking about.  After listening to this style from HGW a bit, I decided I wanted to try it.  From that idea, this remix was born and my goal was simple: What would it sound like if Harry Gregson-Williams composed music for Final Fantasy 7?

I never really anticipated being able to replicate the genre as well as I did, so I was extremely happy for how it turned out.  This piece was done in the late winter/early spring of 2007 which means this was in the day of me using nothing but Reason for any music I wrote.  I ended up primarily using the samples that come with the program when you buy it.  There were a few samples that I used from the Total REX sound library that really helped with the ambiance in addition to some ethnic drum samples from the Sonic Refills: World Percussion sample set.  The french horn sample came from a sample package I bought called Quantum Leap Brass (this is the same company that makes the orchestral sample package I currently use.  QL Brass is an OLD sample package they produced long ago).

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of incorporating orchestral elements in different genres, so you can imagine I had a great time with this piece!  The string samples came from Reason’s default library, and while they are certainly not the best things in the world, I’m still very pleased with how well they worked.  I’ve contemplated going back into this piece and replacing the orch samples with the awesome library I now have.  Create Sephiroth’s Wake 1.5, if you will.  That may happen, but maybe not.  Either way the track was a major stepping stone in my growth as a composer, programmer, and arranger and it has stood the test of time so far.  You can see what OTHERS HAVE SAID about the mix too!

T|M is working on several animations, original tracks, and in the process of planning a new potential project.  Be sure to check back very soon as there will be some very exciting updates on the way!

New “Remix Under Review” Installment

New Remix Under Review Installment:
Flying with the Funk

T|M is back this week with a new installment of Remix Under Review and this time around, we’re taking things back into the past with a classic: Donkey Kong Country.  I have been a huge fan of this game every since I bought it for my SNES years ago.  OCRemix came out with a remix album a few years back for the game and there is one track from the project that is still one of my favorite remixes of all time.  It was done by composer and remixer Jordan “bLiNd” Aguirre and his track is called Aerofunknamics AND is a slammin’ house track!  Well, years after the remix was released, I decided to do a remix of the source material myself.

The source tune:

The Remix:

This remix represents one of the first tracks I did in Logic but there is also a healthy dose of Reason in there as well.  The main elements of the track came from several different third party plugins.  The drums primarily came from Sylus RMX with some additional help from Native Instrument’s Battery; the main synth lead came from Native Instrument’s Pro-53;  the bass came from one of Logic’s preset samples; the majority of the synths came from Reason, and most of those came from the Thor sample collection.

When I sat down to do this track, it actually started out as an original track and not a remix.  After working on it a little, I heard the theme song from the game fit into the track, so I decided to turn this into a full fledged remix.  Since I haven’t done a lot of just straight up electro Drum n’ Bass tracks, I wanted to try something using the new production tools I had at my disposal.  It was great to dive into the genre.  The automation with the LFO, filtering, gating, and everything else was a blast to work with.  I’ve never used the mod wheel on my keyboard as much as I did for this track!  This track, while it has the melody line in throughout, was an attempt to pay more attention to the textures of the sounds and the soundscape of the whole track.  I’m quite pleased with the results.  This track also marks the first ever synth solo that I’ve done for a song.  Not being much of a piano player, I can can say with complete pride, that the solo was played live with minimal quantization!  All in all, I feel the track turned out very well.

This ends another episode of Remix Under Review!  As always, be sure to check back soon for new updates as they will be here very soon!

T|M is Named Music/Sound Creative Director for VG News Site

T|M is Audio Creative Director for GamingUnion.net

This week brings some very exciting news.  T|M has been brought on as an official staff member for Gaming Union, a popular video game news and discussion website.  GU offers a variety of services to the community: daily news articles, game reviews, and the extremely popular podcast series (Final Fantasy Union, Kingdom Hearts Union, and Mini GUP).  T|M will be spearheading the audio needs for all of GU with new music, themes, sound design, and lots of other sonic elements!

T|M was introduced to GU back in 2008 when a VG remix done by Tweex (REAKTR.1) was featured in one of their podcasts (Episode 4 of FFU).  Another remix (Of Fiend and Man) by Tweex was highlighted on another episode of FFU (Episode 24).  Soon after, T|M was contracted to do a theme song for the new podcast series Kingdom Hearts Union (now on their 7th episode; to be released today).  The KHU Theme Song has been used in each episode and has been well received by the fans and listeners of the show.

T|M and GU will be working together to bring new sonic elements to the entirety of the Gaming Union community to help brand GU, its podcasts, and the company itself.  Be sure to check out the new episode of FFU (to be released next Tuesday) for new music, sound design, and sonic elements.  It is sure to blow you away!

In the meantime, check out Gaming Union, join the forums and become one of the community members, listen to the podcasts, drop them a line on Twitter, and have fun exploring GU’s take and angle on a very popular industry.  I guarantee you wont be disappointed!

Check back soon for some more very exciting news!

New Installment of Remix Under Review

Tweex Music Presents New Installment of Remix Under Review:
Frozen Landscape

T|M brings a new track to the ongoing series, Remix Under Review.  With the frosty weather outside, it’s only appropriate to feature the track Frozen Landscape which set out to convey a feeling of intense cold.  The remix comes from a song from Final Fantasy 7, called Buried in the Snow.  Here is the source tune:

And here is the Remix:

This track, like Final Panic, was created using Reason.  The majority of the synths and instruments used came from Reason’s default library.  However, when starting the track, I scoured the internet for some really nice and chill sounding samples to use.  That’s how I found the synth pad that is first heard at the very beginning of the track!

The concept of the piece was found in a previous remix done by Daniel ‘sephfire’ Floyd called Snowfall on Forbidden Lands.  It is a fantastic piece of music that successfully gives off the chill/cold vibe.  By listening to Daniel’s track, I found some fantastic ideas for how to craft Frozen Landscape.  The percussion was the first place I started by getting a couple short 8-16 bar loops.  What I found was that the percussion, without any synths around it, sounded as though it could be either cold or hot.  It wasn’t until the cools pads and chilled bells were added that the snow feeling came in.

The toughest challenge came in trying to change the time signature from 3/4 to 4/4.  The source is very scarce in materiel and main melody line is very simple.  But by adding the gated synth, the down tempo bass line, and pulsing drums, the track filled itself out quite naturally.  The guitar was a fun addition that didn’t come into play until close to the end.  I was picking on my acoustic one day and just stumbled across the chords by accident.  After a little practice, I set up the mics, opened Pro Tools, and laid it down.  It was a great bridge section that helped break the track up a little bit.

I initially picked up the song to do because it was one of the unclaimed tracks on the OCR FF7 project Voices of the Lifestream.  When I sent the track to Andrew ‘zircon’ Aversa (the project coordinator), he was diggin’ the sound but had some suggestions.  Well, needless to say, his input really helped take the song to the next level.

Compositionally, Frozen Landscape is one of my best pieces.  The soundscape turned out perfectly and the arrangement worked excietionally well with the source material.  The track name was inspired by the main synth that is heard at the very beginning.  The name of the patch is Frozen Landscape and when I saw that, I knew that would be the name of the remix!  It’s a fantastic track that stands a long side over 40 other tracks on the FF7 VotL project.  Be sure to check it out.

That concludes this installment of Remix Under Review.  There are some very exciting projects going on here at Tweex Music, so check back soon to see (and hear) what’s new!