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New Mashup feat. LMFAO, Pitbull, Fort Minor, Eminem, Ludacris


I haven’t done many mashups in the years that I’ve been doing music.  Since 2006, I’ve only done two but I loved making them when I did.  I found a little free time recently and decided to make another. (click Read More)

New Commercial for Nintendo WiiWare Games

New Radio Commercials for Nintendo WiiWare Games:
Crazy Racers
Gods vs. Humans

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Once again, I want to throw out another special thanks to everyone who entered the anniversary contest.  Emails went out last week, so if anyone who entered didn’t receive one, let me know!  Project: Binary is rocking along really well, so stay tuned for new updates.

This week, we have two new commercials for you to hear!  We released two new advertisements for two games that have been produced by our friends over at Zallag.  This time around, we have an ad for Crazy Racers and Gods vs. Humans.  The GvH add used the voice of Fozzie, one of the popular hosts from the many GU podcasts.  Fozzie is extremely talented and did a wonderful job with the goddess voice!

The CR commercial was also a ton of fun as I was one of the voices.  A very good friend of mine (one of the best men in my wedding) acted as the other announcer.  I really enjoyed using some music from the T|M library on this one.  The first track you hear (during the “hello kid” section) comes from the library.  Instead of me talking about it, how about I let you hear it :) :

Gods vs. Humans

Crazy Racers

And there we have it!  We still have a couple more commercials to be released in the near future, so check back soon for new adverts.  More updates on new projects, productions, Project: Binary, and more coming very soon!  Don’t stray too far!

T|M Programs and Co-Composes Music for Restaurant Radio Spot

T|M Programs and Co-Composes Music for Taqueria El Zarape Radio Spot.

This week Tweex Music brings you a new piece from a recent advertising campaign.  A Tex-Mex restaurant named Taqueria El Zarape came to Hummingbird for a new radio campaign.  Needless to say, Hummingbird answered the call with a fantastic piece of music.  T|M joined in by programming the piece and recording/mixing all the elements (music, vocals, etc).

The piece is in a mock opera style that is intentionally cheesy/goofy.  Even though it’s an orchestral piece, we kept the Hispanic feel alive with the mariachi trumpet parts and the leading castanets, not to mention the overdone Hispanic opera singer.  Believe it or not, all voices/parts in the choir have been done by the same person: Bob Farnsworth.  Bob is truly an amazing talent when it comes to anything musical, and this is no exception.  All of the “The Best” lines were handled by Hummingbird’s Marketing Director, P.G. Banker.

Check it out here:

T|M wishes everyone a happy new year and wonderful first quarter! As always, check back soon for new updates and posts and a special release for Alter Ego!