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Abigail Episode 5 – “Temperature Rising”


Yesterday we released the newest episode of Abigail!  Things are getting crazy in the show right now with new characters, lots of intensity, and more questions about who and what Abigail really is. (click “Read More)

New Tweex Music Website


Back in 2009, I created a website for Tweex Music and for the past three and a half years, it has served me well!  However, the time finally came when I needed to update it, and so I have! (click “Read More”)

New Podcast, Remix, and Project Announcement

T|M Introduces New Podcast, New Remix, and New Project Announcement!

Greetings to all!  It has been quite sometime since I last posted news here and there is much to cover.  First allow me to announce that the Tweex Music studio has officially relocated from Nashville to Atlanta, GA.  The move went smoothly and quickly and I was “down” for less than 48 hours which is much better than I expected!  Now that things are back up and there is a slight lull in project work, let’s play some catch up!

T|M has been very busy working with Gaming Union for the past couple weeks and has produced several new podcast episodes and several new pieces of music, but more on the music in a future post (coming soon).  However, GU released Final Fantasy Union Episode 35 yesterday and it is quite the special show.  The episode is GU’s focus on Final Fantasy XIII (13), which was released about a week ago.  Also, in this episode, I (Brian) was a guest on the show and sat down with the guys to discuss Square Enix’s recent decision to terminate its music department.  It was great to be on the show and talk about an area of the music/sound industry that I have really been experiencing in the past couple of years: outsourcing/freelancing.

Episode 35 also marked a debut remix/rearrangement from Final Fantasy XI!  I released the first FFXI rearrangement back in July of 09, Battling Despair as Dawn.  This new Remix is entitled City of the Humes and comes from the source tune, The Republic of Bastok.  For those not familiar with the game, this is the theme for one of the major cities.  The original song is unbelievably catchy and the rearrangement turned out exceptionally well.  In the show, the hosts asked me a few questions about the process of making the mix and why I did it.  Be sure to check the full episode out.  For those of you are are interested in hearing the section of the show that I’m in, you can can find an edit of it here: Podcast Edit with Brian.  And make sure that you check out the new remix which is here:

The debut of the remix also marks the first “announcement” of a project that T|M is working on.  Details will be forthcoming, but there is much more on the way!  Anyone who is a fan of Final Fantasy 11 or orchestral/cinematic music will be pleased with what’s to come! Take a listen to the show to get a little more info!

There are several new projects that T|M has recently completed and will be announced very soon!  A new string arrangement for a classic song and a new airline commerical are among a few of them but more info on that soon.  Don’t go too far as there will be more updates VERY soon (i.e. the next day or two)!

New Additions to Tweex Music Studio

New Software Additions to the Tweex Music Studio

Tweex Music has recently added to its list of software samples and virtual instruments.  The two new packages that will be apart of the T|M studio are Quantum Leap SILK and EWQL Symphonic Choirs.  Each package contains state of the art software allowing the user to emulate its given sample selection.  The packages are coming from the good folks over at Sounds Online, the creators/distributors of the enormously popular sample collection, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra (the very sample package that Tweex Music makes use of).

SILK is a package that contains samples from all areas of Asia.  From the Chinese Ehru, to the Indian Tanpura, and even the 30 piece Persian bowed string section, all of these, plus many many others, have been masterfully sampled for anyone’s use.  The samples where performed by the world’s leading virtuosos of each instrument and they were recorded and captured using state of the art equipment.  Be sure to check out some of their DEMOS.

EWQL Symphonic Choirs is a sample package dedicated for the use of full male, female, and boys choirs!  The package contains hundreds, if not thousands, of articulations within the human voice.  With the aid of Word Builder, programmers can even have the choirs sing entire phrases!  The quality of the samples is unmatched today and this package is WIDELY used by the programmers on the market now.  As with SILK, check out some of the DEMOS.

Tweex Music has several projects that will be making use of these two pieces of software.  By taking the Tweex Music quality and combining it with fantastic software from Sounds Online, you are sure to be impressed with the up and coming work.  Don’t miss out on future updates debuting these amazing packages!