T|M Anniversary Contest Winners Announced

Tweex Music Announces Anniversary Contest Winners

Happy Friday everyone!  Many of you may remember that last week I announced a contest in which 3 lucky winners would win a free copy of my debut album, Alter Ego, and a preview of a new project that I’m working on, only know now as Project: Binary.  Well, this week, the three winners have been chosen at random and I’m here to announce them!  Without stalling any longer, the winners are:

Kira, UK
Joseph, Australia
Melissa, USA

The winners have been sent an email to claim their prize.  However, since there was so much support and interest in the contest, I didn’t want you all to go away empty handed!  So, I decided to make a second very small sample of another piece from Project: Binary.  This piece is still in the conceptual phase, but I wanted to give a little something back to you all!  The piece will be available for streaming here on the site, but I will email all of the contestants an MP3 copy that they can download to put on a CD, iPod, etc.  Take a quick gander at this:

And there you have it!  This has been a big week here at T|M.  Congratulations to the winners of the contest and many many thanks to all those who entered!  There are some very exciting additions coming to the site very soon.  I’m just waiting to receive master copies of some projects, so be sure to check back very soon!  We’ll be back with a new update early this next week, so stay tuned!